Poetry on childhood

Poetry on childhood

Childhood is a precious time,

Not worrying wasn’t a  crime

Let’s take a glance towards past

To the running noses and funny poses of our childhood.


Our smiles, our dirty files

Talking all the while, let’s close our eyes

And think of whatever has happened nice

We used to get everything’s prize
When daddy would come from office.

Reminding him of his promise,

Crying a little making a wish 

When wish fulfills , giving a kiss

This is all I miss
Let’s recap of the days when we were always kind

Sometimes little cat & dog fight with brothers 

But at last would take a bath together under the same showers
Then why now we have become so serious?

Is being serious living life? If it is so

I would never teach my future genre

The limits of life, the limited age of child


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